Amobee is the official advertising partner of Fintech Australia. Amobee is an advertising technology business – Fintech businesses use Amobee’s planning & market research, media buying and measurement technology to deliver advertising results. Advertisers partner with Amobee to stand out from their competition, understand the market, build high value audiences and media plans to deliver advertising ROI & brand lift across TV, mobile, outdoor, social and display.

Amobee’s platform is built on an Australian identity map that connects people, devices and households – and enables Fintech businesses to onboard, enrich and leverage their 1st party customer data to grow sales. Amobee’s platform is fraud free, fully transparent and provides marketers with ownership and portabilty of their own data.

Main points of contact

Krish Raja

Product and Platform Strategy Director

Kubhan Padhmanaben (Sydney)

Business Development Manager

Daniel Briggs (Melbourne)

Business Development Manager


Amobee – The NeoBanks Trust War – October 2019
Customer pain points with traditional financial institutions are well documented – and customers are now savvier, more digital and more than willing to try new alternatives. In the last year, consumer interest in AU NeoBanks has gone up by 300%, while interest around the Australian big-four banks dropped by 5%, with more negative sentiment than ever before. The question is: how do NeoBanks go from tried to trusted?

Amobee Financial Case Study – Driving Higher Customer Investment Through Optimized Media Buys
The financial services company engaged the Amobee Marketing Science Services team to generate a custom, data-driven answer to its optimization question. The team started by adding external data, indicative of audience quality, into the existing store of the companys scrubbed and categorized campaign data in DataMine Analytics. Since the company determines the quality of its converting users based on average investable assets, the Marketing Science Services team sourced a partner with investable assets data from Amobees third-party data ecosystem. After merging the external data with the campaign data, the team quickly got to the high-value analysis of the combined data.

Amobee Financial Case Study – Improve Conversion Rates and Cost Efficiency with Video Advertising
The results validate that the insurance companys cross-channel exposure decreased eCPA while increasing the conversion rate when a moderate amount of video and display were combined. But the findings also suggest that beyond a certain number of impressions, additional video could be detrimental to the cost-effectiveness of the campaign. The insurance provider concluded that the right balance of video and display can maximize the cost-effciency and conversion rate of an ad campaign.