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FinTech Australia’s monthly community enewsletter with industry news, member showcases and event updates.

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FinTech Australia’s members only newsletter with policy updates and programs, industry news, events, meetups and opportunities around the world.

Policy voting rights

Preferential invitation to policy working groups to help create a more progressive, forward thinking and eventually world leading Regulatory environment for FinTech Innovation.

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Provide input and feedback to Regulators and Federal Govt through submissions and forums.

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Opportunities to speak at events we run and for events we are approached to help find speakers for.

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Discounted tickets to FinTech Australia Conferences, networking events, and free entry into the “Finnie” Industry Awards.

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We promote the Australian fintech industry domestically and to the world, and that could include help promoting your company using our extensive media and social media networks.


Access to Fintech-specific resources relating to Legal, Tax and Regulatory compliance matters to help you build your Startup.

“As a member of the Western Australian Fintech community, it’s great to see a truly national organization forming representing Fintech innovation from across the country. We look forward to driving a national agenda to make Australia the best place to do Fintech.”

Jack Quigley, founder of Crowdfundup