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Life’s a Pitch – pitching practice for all you startups…

April 16 @ 4:30 pm - 6:30 pm

*** AN AWESOME COACH (TBA) *** will lead a free workshop (limited spots) on how to pitch. YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE A PITCHER ON THE NIGHT! Starts at 4:30pm before the event – email NOW to [masked] if you want to participate.

PITCHERS – if you want to pitch on the night, also send us an email to pitch@n

Pitches are 5-7min, warning bell at 5min and ‘the plug is pulled’ at 7min. Then a judge Q&A so pitchers will be given constructive advice on how to better sell their ideas. And spectators will get to see the brave rise or fall… 😉

Judges will have 5min or so Q&A and so a whole pitch should take 15min including swap over. We will try and get 8 pitches in the night…

JUDGE #1 (TBA – Check back here soon)

JUDGE #2 (TBA – Check back here soon)

JUDGE #3 (TBA – Check back here soon)

THANK YOU to all our judges for giving of their time and experience.



A pitch is not just for money or a current need! So often, we get ‘I don’t need to pitch, because I’m not looking to raise capital’. Two problems:

1) A pitch can be for any key need the business has in order to achieve its aim (usually to get more customers and/or revenue). So, the pitch might be you’re looking for a CTO or other C-level exec, to get a corporate sponsor or partner for an ongoing relationship or to get a new board member or mentor. One person we met’s only need is to get personally sponsored into the US… so are you willing to give away some equity for it? Pitch it!

2) Even if you have no significant need now, pretend. What would $500K in your bank account do for your business… your business, not you! Make something up – ‘expansion into X’ and pitch it! The practice in describing your business succinctly to a crowd can only help (even if it only re-affirms) the way you are currently selling.

And the other thing we hear about is ‘I’m not ready to pitch’ … JUST DO IT! You had the idea, you started the company… we don’t believe the passion is not there (or you shouldn’t be here at all). And we have *never* heard of someone going to a pitch night, hearing of an idea for the first time and copying it, so don’t give us the ‘I’m still in stealth mode’ thing. It comes down to anxiety and that’s fine, but then have a go. Better amongst friendlies than being too nervous when it counts.

AGENDA of the evening

• 4:30pm: Pitching Class with *** COACH ***

• 5:40pm: Break for food/madly updating pitch decks

• 6:00pm: Pitches

• 8pm ish: Chat with Speakers, Judges, and other entrepreneurs

• 8:30 ish: We try to kick you out! (But there’s often a bunch around ’til 9pm)


Griffith Hack – awesome IP lawyers!

See you there!


April 16
4:30 pm - 6:30 pm


Griffith Hack – Boardroom
Level 29 Northpoint 100 Miller Street
North Sydney 2060, au


North Sydney Innovation Network
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