FinTech Australia aims to serve the national Fintech community through a range of services and programs aimed at advocacy, support, education and network development.

About Us

Collaborating to achieve FinTech leadership for Australia

FinTech Australia was started by the Fintech Community.

FinTech Australia is all about the Australian Fintech Startup Community - Fintech Startups, Hubs, Accelerators and VCs. We are a national, not-for-profit organisation, run for the benefit of our members across all corners of Australia.

Our Journey so far

October 2015

The Fintech Community rallied around urgent Policy reforms that were needed to ensure Australia remained competitive in Fintech. They collaborated on a landmark Recommended Reform Paper, endorsed by over 35 Fintech organisations, submitted to key Government Ministers.

February 2016

Following consultation on our Reform Paper, the Turnbull Government declared Fintech to be a national priority, announcing the formation of the Fintech Advisory Group to provide policy advice to Treasury and Regulators.

March 2016

FinTech Australia held its inaugural AGM and elected its first Committee, three of whom are on the Fintech Advisory Group. In June 2016, FinTech Australia announced the appointed of its inaugural CEO.

2016 and onwards

We're hardly stopped since 2016, including organising the nation's first fintech festival and industry-backed awards and driving a series of major policy and regulatory reforms

Our vision is ambitious!

We want to make Australia one of the world’s leading markets for Fintech Innovation andInvestment. We do this by collaborating with Stakeholders to create the best possible regulatory environment, and by fostering an ecosystem of supportive partners and networks so Fintech companies can thrive and grow in Australia.



Challenging existing structures and driving policy reform is a key priority for the Association.


FinTech Australia advocate on behalf of our members, both locally and globally, to attract the support they need to win.


A core part of our action plan is bringing all parts of the financial technology
eco-system together.

How do we make Australia win in FinTech?

Meet the team and board

Brad Kitschke


CEO of FinTech Australia

Vanessa Ronan-Pearce


Director of Events & Sponsorship

Mark Skelsey


Director of PR and Communications

Simon Cant


Board member and Founding Chair, Co-Founder/MD of Reinventure Group

Natalie Dinsdale


Board member

Luke Howes


Treasurer, Co-founder and CEO of Proviso

David Ball



Jack Quigley


Board member, Governing Committee and Founder/CEO of CrowdfundUP

Stuart Stoyan


Chair, Governing Committee and Founder/CEO of MoneyPlace

Lucy Liu


Board member, Chief Operating Officer of Airwallex

Alan Tsen


Board member, CEO of Stone and Chalk Melbourne

Emma Weston


Vice-chair, Co-founder and CEO of AgriDigital