International competitiveness hinges on policy pivot

Daniel Paperny for FinTech Australia

The federal governments $1.1 billion National Innovation and Science Agenda must be expanded with greater consideration placed on immigration and trade policy to help advance Australia as an attractive hub for both local and foreign entrepreneurs, according to a panel of fintech leaders. (more…)

Australia’s fintech industry median revenue up 200 per cent from 2016, major research report finds

Australias financial technology (fintech) industry is rapidly maturing and growing, with companies enjoying a 200 per cent annual median revenue jump and increasingly planning to expand overseas, the 2017 EY FinTech Australia Census has found.


2017 EY FinTech Australia Census key findings

This fact sheet summarises some of the key findings from the 2017 EY FinTech Australia Census


Australian fintech industry backs mandated positive credit reporting

The Australian Governments decision to mandate a comprehensive credit reporting regime should help Australian borrowers get a better deal from lenders and has followed strong leadership from Australias fintech industry. (more…)

Australian consumers to benefit from federal government’s fast-tracked CCR regime

Daniel Paperny for Fintech Australia

The federal government will proceed to mandate comprehensive credit reporting (CCR) from Australias largest credit institutions in what has been hailed as a positive step among fintech industry leaders. (more…)

Blockchain Breakfast wrap-up: why the potential of DLT remains untapped

Daniel Paperny for Fintech Australia

Smart contracts should be focused on integrating real-time payment and delivery mechanisms to realise the full potential of blockchain, according an EY expert told a breakfast held as part of the Intersekt fintech festival.

Speaking at the VIP Blockchain Breakfast hosted by EY and Fintech Australia, EY global innovation leader of blockchain technology Paul Brody said a common misconception with blockchain was that its application was limited to the clearing and settlement of payments and financial transactions such as share trades. (more…)